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Birth Control is not for weight control.

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Q: What is the best birth control pill for weight loss?
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Does birth control cause weight loss?

A lot of the time, birth control makes you put on weight. Check the side effects.

What birth control pill helps lose weight?

There is not a specific birth control pill that helps with weight loss. A few women with hormonal imbalances may find that weight loss is easier when taking the birth control pill, but any pill will work for this purpose.

Do weight loss pills affect the birth control pill?

i dontthink so

What medicines can make birth control ineffective?

Majority of antibiotics will decrease the effectiveness of birth control. Detox kits and weight loss pills can also be a risk to birth control.

Best birth control for weight loss?

on average the weight gained is only about 5 pounds, the pill has pretty much nothing to do with the weight but its a rumor that girls always gain weight from being on it, just a rumor

Does slim fast affect birth control?

When taking birth control of any type, you should ALWAYS consult your physician before taking any type of weight loss product or medication. It is always the best rule of thumb.

Does thermogenic weight loss pills effect birth control pills?

Probably not but I would check with a pharmacist to be sure.

Do birth control pills have an effect in gain weight or loss?

Woman swear by the pill causing weight gain, but the manufactures say it is not so and as many women lose weight as gain while on OCP.

If a woman is 5'5 and weighs 90lbs how much weight does she need to lose for birth control?

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What are the best weight loss aids online?

There are several options when choosing a weight loss aid online. Some of the best options are Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers,and Alli Weight Loss. One can find a lot of information on weight loss from Redbook Magazine online.

Where can I find weight control clinics online?

You can find a list of the best online weight loss clinics in various places searching google. My opinion of the best site is a subsidiary of web md, called

Best ways to loss weightPermanent weight loss solutions?

we will do dieting then we loss our weight permanent

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