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i dont
think so

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2013-02-24 16:59:16
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Q: Do weight loss pills affect the birth control pill?
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Why people get weight when using birth control?

Birth control pills change the level of hormones in your body which can affect your weight.

Do malaria pills mainly mefloquine affect birth control pills?

Some pills can affect birth control. If your ill this can sometimes effect birth control too. You need to speak to a medical professional to find out for definite but its possible malaria pills may affect your birth control.

How can birth control make you gain weight?

Despite old wives' tales to the contrary, birth control pills do not cause weight gain. Patients on birth control pills and patients not on birth control in controlled studies both gained weight.

Does taking Oxycontin affect birth control pills?

There are no known drug interactions between OxyContin and birth control pills.

Do birth control pills affect migraines?

This condition may improve or may get worse with the use of birth control pills

Does Motrin IB affect birth control pills?


Birth control's affect on teens that just began puberty and are taking pills?

You should not mix pills with your birth control pills. This candamage your insides or cause your birth control to be ineffective. Mixing pills is dangerous.

Are Diane pills for gaining weight or losing weight?

Diane pills are a birth control method that can affect hormones. Depending on your hormones, you can gain or lose weight. Each individual is affected differently.

You took birth control pills before taking a pregnancy test will that affect it?

Birth control pills have no effect on pregnancy tests.

Does goldenseal affect the birth control pill?

It is known to reduce the effect of birth control pills

What over the counter medications affect birth control pills?

Antiboitcs will effect birth control.

Do vitamin D pills affect the birth control pill?

There are no drug interactions between vitamin D pills and the birth control pill.

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