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50-500 usd

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Q: What is the approximate value of a Winchester model 94 in a 32 special caliber in good condition?
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What caliber bullet does a Winchester Model 94 32 WS take?

32 caliber... "32 W.S." is the designation for the 32 caliber Winchester Special cartridge.

What year and caliber was a Winchester model 1894 serial number 478219 made?

your Winchester model 1894 was made in 1909.As to the caliber it should be marked on the barrel of the rifle.(ie,30 30-30 caliber).32wcf is 32 Winchester special.38-55 is another possable caliber.

How old is a Winchester Model 94 with serial number 197863 and what is its approximate value?

Built in 1900. Value depends on the exact configuration (rifle or carbine), special order features, and CONDITION.

Winchester model 94 32 special?

1960 32 win special top condition

What is the value of a Winchester model 1300 waterfowl special?

The value of a Winchester model 1300 waterfowl special is determined by the condition of the gun. This particular model can be sold for 500 dollars if in good condition.

What is a Winchester model 94 Serial Number 3414549?

It is a lever action rifle made by winchester in 1971,and either chambered in 30-30 Win,or .32 Winchester special caliber.

What caliber is a Winchester model 94-32WS?

.32 WS is .32 Winchester Special. A caliber peculiar to Winchester 94's. They're still available, but not easy to come by. You may have to call around to a few gun shops before you find them, or order them on line.

What is a reasonable price for a Winchester 22 Special Rifle made in the 1920S's that is in good working condition?

Sorry, but no way we can give you a meaningful answer- Value of any gun is based on EXACT make and MODEL- and condition. It could be $50, or several hundred. Please note that .22 Special is NOT .22 Long Rifle, but also was not a Winchester caliber- double check exactly what you have before shooting ANYTHING in it.

What is value of a Winchester model 64 rifle in a 32 special caliber serial number 1907451?

$900.00 dollars

Is the 32 caliber Winchester rim fire or center fire?

If you are referring to the 32 W.C.F. or 32 W.S. (Winchester Special), both are center fire. Bert H.

What is the approximate value of a Winchester Model 1892 44 WCF Serial?

Anywhere from 200-1.300 dollars or more depending on overall condition,bore condition,and any special option features that are present which could have been ordered when the rifle was made.

What is the age and caliber of model 1894 Serial 83930?

your model 1894 Winchester was made in 1897,as to the caliber it should be marked on the top of the barrel just ahead of the bolt 30wcf=30-30 Winchester,32wcf=32 Winchester special,38wcf=38-55winchester etc.

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