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The app that you can use to put cartoon faces on a picture is known as the Draw a Cartoon Face App or the Two Faces app. These apps are free for download from the app store.

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Q: What is the app you use to put cartoon faces on a picture?
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How do put cartoon heads on your pictures?

People say it is not a app but some people use picart (app store for apple products) i downloaded the app on my ipod 5 generation and my iphone 5 and my ipad mini and i dont kno how to put minnie mouse face on my picture :(

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with an app. just go to the app store and look for one

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You have to specify the kind of application for me to correctly answer your question.

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You can't

What app can you use to put two pictures together?

Picture frames is the name of the app.

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I have no I clue why are you asking me

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YES, there is an app on Facebook that's called pizap. Search it on Facebook an click were it says Pizap app.

Can you take a picture with your iPhone and put it on your iPad without using a computer?

use a bluetooth image sharing app

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If you take a picture of a cartoon charater/s, you put a voice over behind it if you cant do that it is impossible

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well you go to the app store search an app you want and it will tell you how much money it is unless its a free app you click download next to the picture of the app and wella you have an app which is an application on your ipod then you click when it loads on your home page and you begin playing its that simple