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How old is my Topper 88 HARRINGTON AND RICHARDSON GUN serial number

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Q: What is the age of a harrington and richardson topper model 88 shotgun serial number AT 240499?
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When was Harrington and Richardson 12 gauge shotgun serial number 119438 made?

Immediately after 119437.

How do you find the age of a 10 gauge Harrington and Richardson shotgun?

There are some published serial number lists.

What year is a Harrington and Richardson arms shotgun serial number BL 1387?

70-100 yrs ago

What is the age and value of a Harrington and Richardson Topper Model 58 shotgun serial AM 206075?

Since it has a serial number, it was made after 1968. They were made at least through the 1990's, but I know of no source of serial number dating info for recent H&R guns. * Harrington & Richardson manufactured the shotgun in 1974.

When was the Harrington and Richardson single shot 28 gauge shotgun serial number A38278 made?

Seldom exceeds 100 USD

When was the harrington and richardson standard m48 16 gauge shotgun made?

Unaware of any model by that number. Do you mean 11-48?

What year is harrington richardson Topper Model 88 serial number AT215054?

Harrington & Richardson used the Prefix AT in 1983.

How old is a Harrington Richardson Model 48 serial number 26769?

Since you do not say, whether your Harrington & Richardson is a pistol, rifle or shotgun and you do not show a letter prefix to the serial number, I can only give you limited information based on a Model 48 Topper Single Shot Shotgun which was manufactured for a period of 14 years between 1943 and 1956. I hope this helps, until you can supply more information on your shotgun.

Harrington richardson serial number al344518?


When was Harrington and Richardson 410 serial no A68658 made?

Your serial number letter prefix of the letter A means that your H&R shotgun was made in the year 1940.

When was a harrington and richardson sportsman double action 22 pistol with serial number P63056 made?

"P" prefix indicates 1953

What is the manufacture date of harrington richardson serial no - a 415665?

serial number suggests a single barrel, hinged frame Model 1908/08 shotgun - if so - 1920-25.