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$1500 -$1600 without Ivory grips,,, the grips would need evaluation.

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Q: What is the Value of 125th anniversary saa colt 45 with ivory grips?
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Where can you buy fuax ivory grips for a Colt walker?

You can get faux ivory grips for a Colt Walker at:

What is the age and value of Smith and Wesson 38 ctg with white plastic or ivory grips seral?

No serial number provided.

What is the value of a stainless ruger new model single six 32 h and r mag with faux ivory grips?

100-300 or so

What is the value of a set of ivory pistol grips for a model 29 smith and Wesson 44 mag that are hand carved with a dragon on it?

Give you $20 for them. Thanks, Atson

What is the fourteenth year anniversary gift?


How many years of marriage is celebrated on the Ivory anniversary?

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What is the value of a smith Wesson model 1950 45 acp revolver with target sights trigger shoe and ivory grips?

50-1500 USD or so depending on specifics

What is the value of a 1956 hi standard snub nose 22 9 shot revolver r-101 sentinel gold in color with ivory grips?

10-500 USD or so

What items are made of ivory?

Piano keys get their nickname "ivories" because they were once made with ivory. Other things made with ivory were billard balls, cane handles, gun grips, and jewelry.

What is the value 1902 hi standard sentinel 22 9 shot revolver r-101 brass with ivory grips?

Does not exist. The R 101 series was made in the 1970-80's

What is the value or age of a Colt The Woodsman automatic 22 cal LR ivory grips 140311?

Made in 1940. Value will depend on factors you don't describe; overall condition, barrel length, accessories, original papers, original box, whether the ivory is in fact ivory, if it is ivory whether it was factory supplied or aftermarket. Range from a few hundred to a few thousand. BTW, the only way to know if the ivory is factory is to get it lettered by Colt. The Colt website has a section that describes how to do this. Cost will be in the 100-200 USD range.

What is the value of ivory per ounce?

IT has no value as it is internationally illegal to trade in ivory.