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Dose: Total amount of a medicine taken each time by an individual (e.g., mg).

Dosage: The amount of a medicine given to an individual per unit body weight (e.g., mg/kg)

In Medical Dictionary:

Definition of Dose: a quantity to be administered at one time.

Definition of Dosage: the determination and regulation of the size, frequency, and number of doses.

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Q: What is the Difference between dose and dosage form?
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What is the difference between dosage form and dosage strength?

The form is the method of administration: intravenous, sub-cutaneous, oral, inhalation, etc.The strength is the concentration of the active ingredient.The dose is the total amount of active ingredient.

What is difference between oral and peroral dosage form?

No difference.

Calculation of dose for sustained release dosage form?

25 mg daily dose

What is the difference between a pill and a tablet?

A pill is any solid dosage form taken by mouth. it could be tablet, capsule, gelcap and caplet etc. A tablet is a dosage form made from compressing powder.

What is difference between extended release and sustained release in the welbutrin?

sustained release dosage form follows first order kinetics.

What dosage is the best for Coenzyme Q10?

There is no established dosage for CoQ10. A reasonable dose would depend on what CoQ10 is being used for. Very high dosages are used for degenerative ailments. The dosage would also depend on the form of CoQ10 used. The Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is the most bio-available and is more potent than the Ubiquinone form. For general health, a reasonable dose would be between 30 mg to 60 mg of Ubiquinol. Most CoQ10 supplement, like CoQ Matrix, contains about 50 mg of CoQ10.

How are tablets made?

A tablet refers to a pharmaceutical dosage form. It is made from a mixture of active substances and excipients, usually in powder form, that is pressed or compacted into a solid dose.

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How is demulcent suitable in a dosage form?

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What is the adjective for dose?

dot.There is not automatically an adjectival form for any and every noun.If "dose" is to be an adjective, there has to be a noun that it describes - as in, conceptually, "this {object} is , dude!".The only thing I can think of, offhand, is "dosage meter" - a measuring device that measures, particularly, dosage. Conversely, arguably, "dosage" is a different word.In English, failing there being a real word at all, you can make a (dodgy) adjective by adding the suffix "-wise". (E.g. "clockwise" - "in the direction like how a clock goes".) Thus, for instance: "Dose-wise, I think that is okay. However, I am not sure that the treatment is the right one in the first place."