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The definition of stimulus discrimination is the likelihood to react to two or more stimuli that are alike. Stimulus is something that causes a certain reaction in tissue or organs.

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Q: What is stimulus discrimination?
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What is a natural occurring stimulus that leads to an involuntary response?

stimulus discrimination

What are the 5 conditioning processes identified by Pavlov?

acquisition, extinction, stimulus discrimination and stimulus generalization

The ability to respond to similar but distinct stimuli?

Stimulus Discrimination?

What is the difference between stimulus generalization and stimulus discrimination?

A stimulus is an action or procedure used to gain a suitable response.A stimulus generalisation is when the stimulus can be generalised to a similar stimulus and still gain the same response.Example, A bell rings at a certain tone and a dog salivates, if the bell rang at a higher or lower tone the dog may still salivate. SO therefore have a generalised stimulus.A stimulus discrimination is when the participant can discriminate between stimulus ad therefore weaken the effect of the stimulus on the required response.Example, A dog is given increasingly different sounding bells from the original meaning the stimulus will have a decreased effect and eventually will not the response at all.

How are generalization and discrimination related to classical conditioning?

Generalization occurs when an animal responds to a second stimulus similar to the original BS without prior training with the second stimulus. Discrimination is the ability to respond differently to different stimuli.These two processes are related to classical conditioning because associations are being made between a neutral stimulus and an unconditioned stimulus, thus, allowing the subjects to learn.

If a parent ignore a child's temper tantrum and the tantrums subsequently cease what has occurred?

stimulus discrimination

What is discrimination in psychology?

Discrimination in psychology is the ability to tell apart a conditioned stimulus from other things that are not related. This mostly involves behaviors or actions which are considered to be negative.

What Is the learned ability to differentiate between similar objects such as packages of different brands of aspirin?

Stimulus discrimination

What has the author Jennifer J Higa written?

Jennifer J. Higa has written: 'The effects of stimulus class on dimensional contrast' -- subject(s): Discrimination learning, Reinforcement (Psychology), Stimulus generalization

Signal to which an organism responds?


What has the author Leslie S Klein written?

Leslie S. Klein has written: 'The effects of stimulus familiarity and instructions on perceptual strategies' -- subject(s): Visual perception, Visual discrimination, Research

What has the author Temotio Espina Bugarin written?

Temotio Espina Bugarin has written: 'Verbal discrimination learning in a random mixture of two-, three-, and four-word items with two stimulus presentation rates'