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It's sexual relationship between the boy and the girl.

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Q: What is sex which boy and girl do with each other?
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How do we fall in love?

The boy and the girl talk to get to know each other and they sex.

What is 69 in sex terms?

The meaning "69" in sexual terms is when one person is laying down on their back and the other is on their stomach giving oral sex to each other. This can be done with a girl and a boy, a girl and a girl, or a boy and a boy. It's for everyone!!

What is a example of sex?

An example of sex is a boy and a girl snogging and stroking each other and then the boy slipping his penis into the girls vagina when she is ready.I hope I have helped you!

Can a girl betta share a aquarium with boy betta?

No, they are fighting fish. They will kill each other no matter what sex they are.

Can you get cancer by having unprotected sex?

i don't know if you are a boy and had sex with a girl you probley will but if your a girl and had sex with a girl you wont get it but if you boy and had sex with a boy you won't

How do you have kids if your gay?

Well if your a girl have sex with a boy. If your a boy have sex with a girl.

What happens if a boy a girl?

A Boy and a girl have sex

Im a boy your girl cousin and you showed each other are penis and vaginawhat does that mean?

It means you are curious about the opposite sex. This is very normal.

Does the boy have to marry the girl if the girl is pregnant but it is the girl who force the boy to have sex?

absolutely not, however, it is almost impossible for a girl to force a boy to have sex.

What is the difference between a crush an attraction love and like like?

A crush is normally when the boy likes the girl but the girl doesn't like the boy. Like is when the girl likes the boy and the boy likes the girl but they both don't know that each other do. An attraction is when 1 person is attracted to the other because of one thing. e.g. looks, personality, beauty, or sex etc. Love is when both people feel and want the exact same things as each other.

If a boy is gay can he and another do it with each other?

yes they can it is called anal sex

Is it possible of a girl and guy are on top of each other without underwear and the boy doesn't ejaculate for the girl to get pregnant without sex?

There's no way the girl will get pregnant, because the boy did not ejaculate, so that means no sperm or semen excreted that will fertilize a mature egg of the female.