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i don't know if you are a boy and had sex with a girl you probley will but if your a girl and had sex with a girl you wont get it but if you boy and had sex with a boy you won't

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2012-08-08 10:53:14
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Q: Can you get cancer by having unprotected sex?
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Is having unprotected sex 100 guaranteed to get you pregnant?

No, but it is a very real consequence of unprotected sex, as are life-altering STDs.

Having nausua and diahrea can you be pregnant?

Have you had unprotected sex? Then you can be pregnant.

Why did your stomach feel itchy after having unprotected sex?


How did magic Johnson get aids?

Apparently from having unprotected sex.

Chances of pregnancy after 1 month of unprotected sex.?

In two healthy people, the chance of pregnancy after having regular unprotected sex for a month is high.

How do you avoid pregnancy without consulting a doctor?

By not having unprotected sex.

What to do if teenage son is having unprotected sex?

buy him some condoms!

Where you can get HIV?

You can get the HIV Virus by having unprotected sex with someone that has the virus.

What are consequenses of having unprotected sex?

pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases

If you have been on birth control for two years and then go off for a month when you start taking it again do you have to wait a week before having unprotected sex?

You need to wait longer than one week before having unprotected sex. You cannot have unprotected sex until you have been on BCP for one complete cycle - once you receive your period after starting BCP, then you can have unprotected sex.

Can you get HIV from someone who has testicular cancer?

Not unless they're (a) HIV positive AND (b) you have unprotected sex !

What does it mean if your period comes on two weeks early after having unprotected sex?

Congratulations! It means you're not pregnant. You got lucky. Always use condoms. I have a baby from having unprotected sex and it changes everything.

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