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A Pansexual person is when a person find love in a gender but, in the persons personality.

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i though it was where you likeed animals... LOL
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Pansexual means Gender is irrelivent to the person, Hearts not Parts :D

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Q: What is pansexual person?
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What is a person called that doesn't care about race gender sexuality?

A Pansexual

Is the guy that's the lead singer of afi gay?

Nope. He's pansexual

What percentage of the world is pansexual?


Is enya a pansexual?

I'm only guessing but, given how extremely private Enya is, I suspect that no one can answer this about her. But I had to throw it out for some type of discussion since someone sent an earlier statement that indicated she knows absolutely that Enya is a pansexual. I suspect that this person may not like Enya and wanted to burn her through gossiping about her.

Where does the I am Gay I am a Lesbian I am Pansexual I am transgender meme come from?


Is Erin ryder bisexual?

Very possible to be bisexual-pansexual.

When was the pansexual peace party formed?

1992 by Jimi Freidenker.

What is it called when someone is attracted to ALL genders?

I say pansexual.

Is hisoka gay?


Does Being A Pansexual Make You Gay Example My name is Tied and I like a male named Dante But I'm not gay I'm a Pansexual Are you not gay if you like your own gender?

Gay in terms of sexuality is accepted to mean that a person is primarily attracted to their own gender. While there is some wiggle room between "gay" and "bisexual", there is no reason for a person to feel pressured to identify as either, both, or any other orientation.

What if you just look at the personallity what does that make you bisexual or pansexual?

If you are physically attracted to someone based on their personality, and you find that their gender doesn't matter, then you are either bisexual or pansexual, depending on how you view gender identity.

What was the sexual orientation of the Roman gods?

Most (if not all) were bisexual or pansexual.