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I think the more children you have the quicker the pregnancy but not much less probably 37-38 weeks

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Q: What is normal time of pregnancy in third child?
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I am 13 weeks pregnant and can not sleep through the night anymore is this normal?

Pregnancy is never normal and each person is different. I have 3 children and each pregnancy was different, with my fuirst i couldn't sleep, second i slept normal, and third i slept all the time See ur midwife though if you are worried

Is Left kidney pain in early pregnancy normal?

No, kidney pain is never normal in pregnancy. But kidney infections in pregnancy are fairly common. Time to call the doctor.

When is it time to have the third child?

After your second

What should you expect in your second pregnancy?

Personally, my second pregnancy wasn't a whole lot different from my first. However, my first two children were both girls, and I was quite young - 20 and 22 - when I was experiencing those two pregnancies. My third child was a boy, and that pregnancy was completely different in terms of nausea, etc. Also, when I went to the obstetrician and he found out it was my third pregnancy, he told me that it was GOING to be hard. So, it was at least his opinion that the third pregnancy is when the body begins to have a tough time with it. In my case, it did turn out to be true...

Do you have to go for weekly checkups in the third trimester if the pregnancy has no problems?

No clue. My midwives dont have time to see me, i ve got 2.5w in between visits instead of the 'normal' 1 week.

Is bleeding red blood and clots in early pregnancy normal?

you will bleed if you in the middle of your period and near the time of birth of your child. in clots... maybe ask a doctor but it should be normal. Also take asurvey of you friends to see if they have the same problem if to see if that clot thing is normal. If not GO TO YOUR DOCTOR.

Which months are safe for sex in pregnency time?

In normal pregnancy without problem, it is safe to have sex from the beginning of your pregnancy until you give birth.

What do you mean by repeatedly negative pregnancy results?

What is meant by repeatedly negative pregnancy results is that the person is not pregnant. The person is not going to have a child at this time.

What is the normal time for a 3 year old child to go to bed?

Normal time would be 8 pm or 9 pm.

Is Rebecca Hickenbottom pregnant with her third child?

Maybe, time will tell.

Is it normal to feel cramps and have a yeast infection as a sign of pregnancy around the time your menstrual cycle should start?

They are not signs of pregnancy, but you may be pregnant and have them.

Can adults come down with cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is caused by factors that impact normal brain development any time between pregnancy and age two so any child can be considered as susceptible to this condition.