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you will bleed if you in the middle of your period and near the time of birth of your child. in clots... maybe ask a doctor but it should be normal. Also take asurvey of you friends to see if they have the same problem if to see if that clot thing is normal. If not GO TO YOUR DOCTOR.

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Q: Is bleeding red blood and clots in early pregnancy normal?
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Is it normal to get blood clots during implantation bleeding?

No. Usually implantation bleeding is a bright red to brown drops of blood. No clots.

Is it possible to have a normal pregnancy if you have bleeding without clots and have to positive pregnancy test?

Yes definately. lots of people have bleeding during pregnancy. I even had small clots this time around and it turned out to be nothing. They never found a cause.

If you have your period while pregnant would you get big clots and a dark brownish color?

Clots during pregnancy is usually a indication of a miscarriage. Brown bleeding is usually old blood which isn't a normal period.

Can passing blood clots and pregnancy be normal?

It can be normal, but you may want to contact your doctor just in case. Or it could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy is a miscarriage although the first two reasons for bleeding are more common, it is still a good idea to contact your doctor if you are too concerned.

Is it possible to pass blood clots during pregnancy and not miscarry?

Yes, it is possible. I had a sub chorionic bleed that caused cramping and bleeding, including passing clots, for about 3 weeks. My doctor monitored me with ultrasounds to confirm the pregnancy was viable and that I was not at risk of serious bleeding. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and have not had any bleeding for approximately 2 weeks.

Can blood clots delay you period?

No. Blood clots are part of a normal period.

Is blood clots during early pregnancy normal?

You can have bleeding in next period fallowing the conception. There may be little bleeding in next month also. You should always consult your gynecologist, when ever you get bleeding in pregnancy. She will examine you internally and may go for ultrasonography.

Does bleeding clots only one time indicate a miscarriage?

If you have a confirmed pregnancy & was bleeding clots then this can indicate a miscarriage but you need to see your Docctor to confirm this with him. However if you was not pregnant but experienced clots during your period for the first time, then this is not caused by a miscarriage. Clots during a period is perfectly normal & may occur every period or only once a year. Its different in each Woman.

Is it normal to bleed after a womb scraping. Especially when it's heavy bleeding and blood clots on the third day after the procedure?

Yes, it's normal to bleed 1-2 weeks.

Is there any chance a baby can survive in pregnancy when you have blood loss and blood clots?

Very small chances for serious and internal bleeding, but if very minor blood loss, you have more chances. Best is to consult your doctor

I am about 3 weeks pregnant.I have all the symptoms of pregnancy and i now have something that you would think is my period but passing blood clots.Is this normal in early pregnancy?

It can be normal to bleed during the early parts of pregnancy but not blood clots. I suggest you go to your doctor asap and tell them whats going on.

What is the functionof the platelets?

The primary functions of platelets in the blood is to form blood clots. These blood clots are very beneficial becaus they stop one from bleeding to death.