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Alli is a diet pill. This pill claims, that along with diet and exercise, it can help you lose weight. The key to losing weight is in the diet and exercise. Consult your doctor before taking Alli or any other diet pills.

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Q: What is meant by the Alli diet?
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Is Alli diet pill best taken before or after meals?

Alli is best taken before meals

How does the alli diet pill work?

The alli diet pill blocks about 25% of fat absorption in the body. This leads to weight loss, because less fat is stored in the body.

What is a cheap diet pill that actually works fast?


Losing Weight With Alli?

Alli has made history as the first FDA-approved diet pill and weight loss plan. Individuals interested in losing weight can use Alli freely and without concern because the FDA has rigorously tested the product. Alli helps dieters lose weight by blocking 25 percent of the fat from absorbing into the body. The Alli diet consists of dieters taking the diet pill daily, while adding healthy eating and exercise. Alli has a step-by-step instruction manual to assist dieters as they go through the process. While taking Alli and implementing its diet plan into your daily regimen, it is recommended to have routine appointments with your doctor to ensure that you are losing weight properly.

What can you tell me about the Alli diet that will make me want to use it?

Alli is a simple diet pill that, coupled with better eating habits will ensure that you will lose weight while not losing all the foods you love to eat.

What does Alli diet pill consist of?

The diet pill Alli is available over the counter or by prescription. The over the counter version is half the strength of the prescription type. Alli contains orlistat, which is also known as xenical. This chemical works by blocking the ability of the body's intestine to absorb fat cells.

Is the alli diet pill FDA approved?

The Alli diet pill was initially launched with great success and only mild side effects were reported. However the phrase "alli oops" was soon given to the often unexpected (and highly embarrassing) emptying of the bowels at any given moment. More serious however was the news that the FDA was launching an investigation into Alli and its main ingredient - Orlistat. Orlistat features in the stronger and prescription only fat binder - Xenical. It has been reported that as many as 1000 cases of liver damage may be linked to the use of orlistat and 24 deaths have been attributed to Xenical over recent years. The FDA are yet to make a decision on the future of Alli. There are alternatives to Alli which feature only natural ingredients and cut a similar percentage of fat from your diet, they are also side effect free. Read the "Alli diet pill review" link, which can be found below for more information.

Could the diet pill ALLI have interfered with my birth control pill?

No, Alli does not interfere with birth control #7

Will you fail a drug test if taking Alli diet pills?

if i take diet pils will it make me fail my drug test

Is the alli diet pill safe for consumption?

The alli diet pill is FDA approved, but warns consumers of a minor risk for liver injury. The instructions must be followed carefully to avoid undesired side effects such as urgent, loose bowel movements.

You want to know if anyone has had success with diet pills?

99% of diet pills are garbage. The only good one' I found were alli and Liproxenol I lost 10 pounds with alli, and I lost 25lbs with Liproxenol. So either of these 2 products are good. Thank you.

Is Alli a good source for women weight loss?

I do not think that Alli is a good source for women weight loss. It is actually blocking the fat from your diet so if you decide to start eating healthier, you are also blocking the healthy fats. It promotes unhealthy eating habits as well. Exercise and a healthy diet are more safe for weight loss than using Alli.