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The alli diet pill is FDA approved, but warns consumers of a minor risk for liver injury. The instructions must be followed carefully to avoid undesired side effects such as urgent, loose bowel movements.

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Q: Is the alli diet pill safe for consumption?
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Is the Alli weight loss pill safe for breastfeeding moms?

No. The warning on the box specifically says, "If pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use."

What over the counter diet pill safe and effective?

Safe: yes. Effective: arguable.

I have a mild heart condition,are any diet pills safe for me to take?

The Alli Diet Pill is the only over the counter FDA approved slimming supplement on the market. Alli slimming pills work only in the digestive tract which is the area of the body that absorbs the nutrients from the foods one eats. By isolating this area, there are no side effects to heart rate, brain activity, sleep patterns, nerves or your body clock.

Is it safe to take alli with hydroxycuts the same day?

No, no matter what diet pill it is or what the diet pill says, it is not healthy. It is not healthy to take diet pills at all for that matter. Serious health problem can and most likely will come from them.

Is Alli a good source for women weight loss?

I do not think that Alli is a good source for women weight loss. It is actually blocking the fat from your diet so if you decide to start eating healthier, you are also blocking the healthy fats. It promotes unhealthy eating habits as well. Exercise and a healthy diet are more safe for weight loss than using Alli.

Is it safe to take cocaine and diet pills?

NO! Absolutely not! You don't even have to take one diet pill!

Isthe diet pill adelvag safe to take?

i have actually took them and i consider them safe except eat healthy if not you will develop anemia

Is the new diet pill SlimQuick safe and effective?

You shouldn't use any diet pill unless its been perscribed by a dietician or your doctor. The FDA has not approved Slim Quick, and have not studied any consumer results.

What brands of diet pills are not safe?

I personally would not use any diet pill that is not FDA approved. There are a ton of diet pills on the market, however, not all are FDA approved.

Are Hoodia 57 diet pills considered safe to take?

Hoodia P57 diet pills are widely considered safe to take once one consumes the recommended daily allowance of the pill. The Hoodia P57 pill simply acts as an appetite suppressant and the drug has very few side effects.

How long does it take the diet pill fastin to work How long would it take to lose 15 pounds Is it safe?

Fastin is a diet pill which helps suppress the appetite and raise the metabolism. This pill can help aid in weight loss when combined with a sensible diet and exercise regime. The amount of time it would take to lose 15 pounds will vary. Typically a safe weight loss will result in a 1-2 pound weight loss weekly.

Has anyone used Lipozene?

Yes, many people have used the diet pill called Lipozene. The pill is said to be a safe and effective way to lose weight, but has not been approved by the FDA.