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It's the ration card number.

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Q: What is mean by family card number?
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How do you find out family card number?

A person can find out their family members social security card number by asking the family member. A social security number should be kept confidential.

What does card number mean?

it means your credit or debit card number on the front of your card. there is a 16 digit number at the middle of your card.and thats your card number.

What do they mean by card number on a Visa card?

The 16 digit account number printed or embossed on the card.

What does cvn mean on a credit card?

Card Verification Number

Does issue number mean account number on your card?


Do the id number on a yu gi oh card mean it worth more?

If you are talking about the numbers on the bottom-left corner of a card, then no, the ID number on a card simply means its card number. Every kind of one card have the same ID number. These ID numbers merely tell what card it is.

What does PCN mean on insurance card?

processor control number

What does name on credit card mean?

Name on Credit Card mean the name that appears at the front of the card, below the long card number. This will be the name of the person to whom the card was issued by the bank.

What does ref means after the call number mean in card catalog?

it means reference number From my iPad

What does this mean photo ID furnished type and ID number?

the ID number on your ID card

What does the number on the marvel comic card mean?

it is there in case you decide to collect them

what does account number must be numeric mean?

It means you have to put the number of your account, like credit card number .