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The card number is the sixteen digit card number that runs along the centre to top of the card.

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how to reseve a devite car
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nothing debit card

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Q: Where on a debit card is the card number?
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Can you have a number of a debit credit card?

Yes obviously. You get the number of your debit card, it is the 16 long digit number. it's on the front of your debit card

Where is the roll number on a debit card?

where is the roll no on a debit card

What is the card number on a visa debit card?

The number on any debit card is different for each individual

Where is your debit number on your debit card?

The last four numbers on your card

Where can you find your account number for your debit card?

at the back of the debit card

Is 4142 a debit card number or credit card number?

it's a credit card number.

Its a debit card. Where can i find the account number?

theres no acct # on a debit card [edit]>> i have looked up on this and apparently ian account number is the 8 digits on the bottom right of your debit card

How do you tell visa debit from visa credit?

You will be able to tell this by the card itself. Usually debit cards have shorter versions of number and have different card color. A credit card's number is usually embossed as compared to a printed number with the debit card.

How many numbers are on a visa debit card?

There is only one card number in a visa debit card. It has 16 digits

What is a debit card number?

It is a number that identifies a person and links them to their own account. If there were no debit card numbers we wouldn't know which person was buying what!

Where are the numbers and codes on visa debit card?

card security code and sort code and my card number is located where on my visa debit bank card

How do you get hunter education number if lost card?

In credit or debit card