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hi I live in coos county Oregon and I was wondering if the medical marijuana patient card holders names are public information since it is legal I want to be a care taker for someone that does not have the meens to grow them selves do you know how I can find local leagal marijuana users in my area?

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 16:52:18
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Q: What is marijuana license care giver?
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How do you get license to grow marijuana?

screw the license grow it anyway. respect your history they didnt care in Woodstock so why should you.

How to get a medical marijuana license for anxiety?

Getting marijuana license for just anxiety is hard to get. It takes a lot to get a marijuana license.

What is Swedish word for care giver?

The Swedish word for care giver is vårdnadshavare.

Where can you purchase medical marijuana since you have your medical marijuana card but cant find a place to purchase near Fallon Nevada?

You can't. You either grow your own or get a care giver. No other options are available.

What is a patient care assisant?

this is a care giver

Which states can you legally grow marijuana in?

None, unless you have a license. Even then, you can only get a license (And grow) in states that have legalized medical Marijuana and the Marijuana can only supply medical Marijuana dispensaries.

What is a marijuana vendor license?

Getting the license to sell dope

How often can you change your MMJ caregiver in Colorado?

A patient may change his or her primary care-giver or medical marijuana center no more than once per month. A patient may change his or her primary care-giver or medical marijuana center by submitting such information on the form and in the manner as directed by the department within ten days of the change occurring. For more information visit the Related Link.

When you get a marijuana license how long does it last?


Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds if you have a medical marijuana permit?

It depends on what kind of license you have. There is a license to smoke marijuana and own it, and there is a completely different license to have seeds and grow them. If you are eligible for a smoking license then you should be able to get a growers license as well, but it's a whole new process and they will test you all over again to be sure your need for marijuana is realistic. for more questions email me at

What would you consider your duties as a care giver to the children?

The duties of a care giver for children can be of many tasks. This could mean that you care only for the children by bathing them, feeding them, watching them, taking them where they need to go and things like that. This could also mean that as a care giver you care for the children, cook, and clean.

Will your license be suspended for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia?


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