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Q: When you get a marijuana license how long does it last?
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How long does ni10 last on driving license?


How long does marijuana residue last in a pipe?

until you clean the pipe

What is a marijuana vendor license?

Getting the license to sell dope

How long did a gold license last for?

1 month

How long did a gold license last?

1 month

How long does a hair license last for they have to be renew?

A Cosmetology License has to be renewed every 2 years.

What are two possible long-term effects of marijuana use?

There is no conclusive evidence of negative long term side effects associated with the use of marijuana. The euphoric effects of marijuana only last up to three hours.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds if you have a medical marijuana permit?

It depends on what kind of license you have. There is a license to smoke marijuana and own it, and there is a completely different license to have seeds and grow them. If you are eligible for a smoking license then you should be able to get a growers license as well, but it's a whole new process and they will test you all over again to be sure your need for marijuana is realistic. for more questions email me at

How long does marijuana with pcp in it stay in your system?

It depends on how often you consume marijuana, your weight, and other factors. The marijuana will be the last to leave your system and can take a week to 60 days.

How long does marijuana stay in your s?

marijuana stays in your system for 30 days. a high from maryjane usually last 5-6 hours

How long does the vegetative state of marijuana last?

That is up to you (the grower) or the seasons according to light cycles.

Will your license be suspended for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia?