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Could be the baby is the wrong way round. Check up with your doctors :o)

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Q: What is lower back and abdominal pain at 34 weeks pregnant?
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I am 5 weeks pregnant with lower back pain is this normal I work in an office sitting all day and it's mostly at work when I get it. Help?

Yes, lower back pain is normal.

If you were 23 weeks pregnant on your ultrasound and went back 4 weeks later how many weeks should you be?

if you are 23 weeks pregnant , then go back 4 weeks later you should be 27 weeks pregnant. Almost 7 months.

You are 5wks pregnant and you are 16 and you have lower abdominal pains and cramps from time to time and your lower back hurts from time to time does this mean you are going to have a miscarraige?

Not necessarily a miscarriage it means the baby is moving around tomuch

Why would you have minor cramping and severe lower back pain when 4 weeks pregnant?

You should go to the ER or your doctor ASAP. Cramping in early pregnancy is very normal because everything is stretching out, but it shouldn't be bad cramps and with the severe lower back pain that could mean you are having a miscarriage. Please go to the ER or your doctor ASAP

Does your lower back hurt when you are pregnant?

Very often lower back pain is a part of pregnancy. But if you just have lower back pain, it doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant.

Will more abdominal training help with lower back pain?

It may be try that abdominal training can help lower back pain but this may not be your issue. Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons and you should consult your local medical practicioner or witch doctor.

If it is August 15 and im 20 weeks pregnant when did i get pregnant?

quite simple count back 20 weeks

What are your abdominal functions?

Abdominal muscle allow force to transfer from the lower to the upper body. Basicelly stabilizing the spine and keeping you in balance. Strong abdominal muscle will improve your overall strength and reduce the risk of lower back injury.

You are ten weeks pregnant and at times your lower back hips butt and front of the thighs hurt Is that ok?

This can be normal with some Women but see your doctor to be certain.

9 weeks pregnant and getting lower back and stomach pain?

Im 9wks2days lower back pain since 6wks, now stomach pains. Was told its normal, possibly round ligament pains or maybe simply gas lol.

I am pregnant i think i have a kidney infection and lower back pain and inflamed abdominal. Am i ina b ad position?

It is common to get kidney infections when pregnant. Just drink plenty of fluids and that will wash it out of your system. The back pain is another common complaint and the best thing to do is rest, you are pregnant afterall! About your abdomen, it will get swollen but if your really not happy go see your doctor.

If you have lower back pain is that one of pregnant symptoms?

not always. lower back pains can result in pressure on your back, such as carrying something heavy.