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Very often lower Back pain is a part of pregnancy. But if you just have lower back pain, it doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant.

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Q: Does your lower back hurt when you are pregnant?
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Which part of the body would you have hurt if you sprained the muscle at the back of your lower leg?

Lower back

If you're pregnant will your lower abdominal area hurt?

yes....but actually it depends

You are ten weeks pregnant and at times your lower back hips butt and front of the thighs hurt Is that ok?

This can be normal with some Women but see your doctor to be certain.

What organ can be hurt if you were hit in the lower back?


Can nicoteen gum cause your lower back to hurt?


If you have lower back pain is that one of pregnant symptoms?

not always. lower back pains can result in pressure on your back, such as carrying something heavy.

Do lower back dimple piercings hurt?

All piercings hurt, there is always discomfort with any piercing and lower back dimple piercings are subject to rejections and infection more than any other piercings.

Why does your back hurt on the lower right side?

its usually stress or when your really tired

What does it mean when your lower back and butt hurt?

It could be due to constipation. It would put pressure on your lower back, as well as possible bowel discomfort.

Does loud music hurt you?

It is bad for you. Your eardrums and hearing get lower and lower till your pretty much needing a hearing aid. Your back of your eyes will hurt and start to get worse aswell.

Why when i play basketball my lower back starts to hurt?

Basketball is a sport that exercises your lower back a lot, and normally an exercised muscle becomes sore after a while.

Does a tattoo hurt on your lower back?

if you breathe and think about something else then not really it wont