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Synthetic marijuana is a propitiatory blend of herbs sprayed with dangerous chemicals to produce a marijuana like high.

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Q: What is in synthetic marijuana incense?
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What is in k2 incense?

K2 incense is a proprietary blend of herbs sprayed with a chemical intended to mimic the effects of marijuana. There is currently a federal ban on such synthetic marijuana products, and the states are following suit with individual bans.

What Is Serenity Now And What Is It Used For?

Serenity Now is a herbal incense. It contains a compound called JWH-018, which is basically synthetic marijuana. It's used as an alternative to marijuana.

Can you still buy any herbal incense or potpourri in Alabama anywhere?

The sale of herbal incense and herbal potpourri (synthetic marijuana) is prohibited in Alabama. The sale and possession of these substances constitute felonies.

What can crazy monkey incense do to you?

It is a synthetic marijuna substitute. With affects similar to marijuana, but there are many cases of severe side affects to these synthetic drugs which is why they are slowly becoming illegal across the USA.See details here: Can_funky_monkey_incense_harm_you

Is synthetic marijuana legal in Wisconsin?

There is a federal ban on synthetic marijuana

What is in herbal incense that gets you high?

Synthetic cannabinoids. Marijuana is much safer. so unless you're on probation and cant smoke real weed, avoid it at all costs.

Can incense kill you if you smoke it?

Incense, as in the kind burned to release a fragrant smoke, has been linked to various kinds of cancer, so yes, even just inhaling burning incense can cause you to have cancer which can kill you. Herbal incense (aka K2, Spice, synthetic cannabis, synthetic marijuana), has not been officially studied. However, reports describing the adverse effects include hypertension, tachycardia, myocardial infarction, agitation, vomiting, hallucinations, psychoses, seizures, convulsions, and panic attacks. One death and possibly others have been linked to synthetic cannabis use.

What is black mamba herbal incense?

synthetic weed

What does synthetic marijuana mean?

Synthetic marijuana is not natural marijuana. It is not really any type of marijuana at all. It is a chemical substance that is smoked and cause death in some cases.

What is snafu incense?

it is a type of herbal incense like k2 or spice gold and the such that produces a marijuana like effect.

What is a spice in incense?

if you are referring to the brand Spice it is essentially a combination of herbs with a (usually) unregulated synthetic cannabinoid (similar to active ingredient in marijuana) which produces similar effects. hope this helped.

Can you test positve for marijuana smoking King Kong botanical incense?

No, not at all. It does not produce canabinoids or THC or anything that marijuana has in it. Had heard rumors that sometimes if caught with it, it can test out to be heroine, but this is also false.