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if you connect Nmos and Pmos other way around then it act as buffer

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Q: What is difference between inverter and buffer?
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What is the difference between a buffer and an indicator?

Distinguish between buffer and indicator

What is the difference between a concentrated buffer and a diluted buffer?

The concentration.

UPS and Inverter difference?

The difference between a UPS and Inverter is that a UPS uses an inverter. When there is main power supply UPS convert ac to dc and save energy in the battery.

What are the difference between buffer stock and safety stock?

no difference

What happens if you interchange pmos and nmos in a cmos inverter?

it becomes a buffer

What is the difference between TAE buffer and TE buffer?

The main difference is in composition. In TE common Tris buffer is bring down to pH 8 with HCl and EDTA is involved but in TAE instead of Tris HCl in TE Tris-acetate buffer is used.

What is the difference between Basel II and Basel III?

There is a main difference between Basel II and Basel III. In Basel III, there is a 4.5% capital buffer to absorb shock. With Basel II, there is no capital buffer.

What is the difference between phosphate buffer and phosphate buffered saline?

actualy there is no major difference , on the basis of composition ,can be differentiate in saline buffer nacl was used and isotonicity take place

What is cmos buffer?

A CMOS buffer is two stage inverter, or two inverters connected together in such a way that the output of first goes directly into second one.

What is the Difference between series and parallel inverter?

One difference between a series and a parallel inverter is that series inverters are connected one after another. Whereas, parallel converters are only connected individually. Another difference between the two is that series inverters are used in small sub servers, whereas, parallel inverters are used in main servers.

What is the difference between tbs buffer-tbst buffer and corresponding function of them?

Tween 20. In TBST you add 0.05-0.1/ Tween 20.

What is difference with the concentration of phosphate buffer?

The relative difference in velocity between two acid concentrations is independent of the temperature.