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Intensive land use are usually in the well watered coastal areas and inland irrigated area, while extensive land use are usually in the drier, inland areas.

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2012-05-14 04:55:59
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Q: What is difference between intensive and extensive land use?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of semi intensive management system of cattle production?

ADVANTAGES: 1. Require less energy than intensive ones 2. Require less land than extensive ones 3. Remove as much BOD as intensive ones 4. Remove as much pathogens and refractory pollutants as extensive ones 5. Release no or very little sludge. NO IDEA FOR DISADVANTAGES.

What is the difference between extensive and intensive farming?

Extensive farming uses minimal amounts of labor and capital per unit land area. The crop yield depends primarily on the natural fertility of the soil, terrain, water availability and climate. Intensive farming, on the other hand, uses large amounts of capital and labor per unit land area.

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How is intensive farming different to normal farming?

Intensive farming means large inputs (like labor and money) per amount of land, extensive farming means a low-input system with less labor and less expenses. In first world countries intensive agriculture is more common and therefore perhaps more "normal" than extensive agriculture. An example of an extensive dairy farm would be one where the cows are given no buildings or extra feed, only lots of land to roam around and eat on. This system would have less milk per cow, but it would also cost less to keep each cow. It would also require a lot of land to provide enough grass for the cows to eat. Lots of land, little input = extensive agriculture. An intensive dairy farm would have a barn for the cows and a small lot for exercise. The farmer would harvest both grasses and grains and bring them to the cows to eat. The barn would have the latest technology in fans, mattresses in the cow's stalls, etc. These cows would require less land, but they would cost a lot of money to feed them and to buy all the fancy equipment. They would also make more milk. More inputs, less land = intensive agriculture.

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There is no difference between trust lands and reservations. A reservation is one kind of trust land (land held in trust for others.)

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