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Kilowatt is a measure of the rate of energy use. It is 1,000 Watts or 1,000 Joules per second. A kilowatt hour is 1,000 Joules per second for 3,600 seconds or 3,600,000 Joules. This means a Kilowatt hour not a rate but a measure of total energy used.

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Q: What is difference between Kilowatt power vs kilowatt hour?
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What is the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt hour?

A kilowatt is a unit of power, while a kilowatt hour is a unit of energy. Power is the rate that energy is used. This means that something that operates at 1 kilowatt for 1 hour uses 1 kilowatt hour of energy.

What is the difference between kilowatt hour and kilowatt?

Kilowatt hour (KWH) is unit of energy. Kilowatt (KW) is unit of power. The KWH generated/consumed over a certain period (in hours) is the result of power integration over this time period.

What is the difference between kilowatt hours and kilowats?

Kilowatts are a measure of electrical power. Kilowatt hours are a measure of how much electrical power has been used.

What is the difference between Kilovolt Ampere and Kilowatt?

A kilowatt is an unit of true power in an AC circuit -as measured by a wattmeter. A kilovolt ampere is an unit of apparent power in an AC circuit, which is the product of the voltage across a load by the current through it. The relationship between the two is: kilowatt = (kilovolt ampere) x (power factor of load)

What means kw?

kW is kilowatt. Kilowatt is a unit of electric power.

Relation between cc and kilowatt?

No relationship whatsoever. A 'cc', or cubic centimeter, is a unit of volume, while a kilowatt is a unit of power.

How many units of electric in a kilowatt?

Units of electricity as given on power bills are usually measured in kiloWatt hours. (kW.h) This is a kiloWatt of energy delivered for a period of an hour. It is a unit of power, and a kiloWatt is a measure of energy.

How do you calculate kilowatt to watt?

a 1000 Watt's equines 1 kilowatt of power

Is a kilowatt a lot of energy?

a kilowatt is 1000 watts Note that a kilowatt is a unit of power, not energy. How much energy is involved depends on how long the power level is sustained.

How many minutes are in one kilowatt hour?

There are 60 minutes in a kilowatt hour. an hour is 60 minutes, a kilowatt is a rate of power usage.

What is the difference between Watts and Kilowatt hours?

Watts is smaller than kilowatts. watts is unit of power and kilowatts hour is unit of energy. Electrical devices are specified in watts where as electrical bill is for kilowatt hr use.

What is power demand?

kilowatt demand ?

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