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no difference

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Q: What is the difference between bkW and kW?
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What is Bkw and how convert it to Kw?

Kindly convert 5.44 BKW to kwAnswerIf, by 'Bkw', you mean 'brake kilowatts', then it's already in kilowatts! Incidentally, the symbol for kilowatt is 'kW', not 'kw' or 'Kw'.

How do you convert BKW into KW?


What is the difference between Kc and Kw for water?

Kc is the constant for concentration and Kw is the constant for water. Kc[h20] = [OH-][H+] which becomes Kw= [OH-][H+]

What is the population of BKW FMB Energie AG?

The population of BKW FMB Energie AG is 2,615.

When was BKW FMB Energie AG created?

BKW FMB Energie AG was created in 1898.

How do you calaculate bkw of pump?

bkw required = (head * flow* specific gravity) / (efficiency of pump*367.2)

What is the difference between mean and peak power?

Mean power is measured in Watts and Peak power is measured in KW.

What is the market cap for Burger King Worldwide Inc BKW?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Burger King Worldwide Inc. (BKW) is $9,308,694,080.80.

What is the fuel oil consumption of cat 3516B 1920 Bkw?

Between 90-110 galions an hour. Depending on the load on the engine.

What is the relation between refrigeration kw with electrical kw?

Both of them are for measurements of types of energy. kWh is the full measure of energy while kW is the measure of power.

What is the value of a bkw 92 223?

200-400 US Dollars

Which is cheapest to use a 1330 watt microwave convection oven for 1 hour or a 3.2 kw gas oven for 1 hour?

1330 watts = 1.33 kw so the microwave uses about 2.4 times less power Now, all you have to do is find out the difference in price between gas and electricity (per kw hour) in your area