What is a passive gay?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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Generally speaking, "passive" refers to the receptive role in a sex act, and "active" to the insertive role. But, if a person is performing oral sex on a man, they are arguably both active. Few people are exclusively active or passive.

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Passive homesexuality is the man who is penetrated by another man. Usually referred to as a bottom.

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Q: What is a passive gay?
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Whether you are a gay, straight or bisexual male you can get a woman pregnant if you ejaculate inside her or she gets your sperm inside her any other way.

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They prefer to be the receiver rather than the giver. They prefer being penetrated rather than penetrating.

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It's usually used in reference to gay relationships and reflects who is dominant and who is passive. A "top" is the dominant member, and the "bottom" is the passive. It may also refer to who takes which position in a sexual encounter.

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