What is a good wedgie prank?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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If you have a pole in your house tie a string to his/her undies and put a couch behind it.wait till he/she falls asleep then tip the couch so the feet are by u He or she will cry like a baby

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In the Bahamas

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Q: What is a good wedgie prank?
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How do you to pull a naughty prank?

Give someone a swirly or wedgie

What is a suicide wedgie?

A Suicide Wedgie is a wedgie where the reciever's undies are held on to or hooked on something, and they jump off something about 4 feet high or more. This is a variation of the Hanging Wedgie. This is very fun to use as a prank, contest, dare, or just a source of fun.

What is a good wedgie website?

Go to they have a good selection.

How do you keep a wedgie in place overnight?

Give yourself a wedgie first then place a pin close On top of the wedgie it will stay with a safety pin good luck with your wedgie!

Who had the first wedgie?

well its really just classic to rip the underwear of a victim so really it probably came from natural ones and became a prank

What are good wedgie website?


What are some good wedgie dares for teen boys?

Hanging wedgie of course, even worse if they're wearing briefs

What does calzΓ³n chino mean in Spanish?

It literally means "Chinese underwear". In some places, this slang is used to mean "wedgie" - - pulling up someone else's underwear as a prank.

What are some good sites for prank calling?

a good website to go on 4 prank calling is hope you have fun

Is there a good prank love calculator that doesn't say it's a prank or is there another good way to get a guy to admit who he likes?


Is breaking a hand a good prank?

Not hardly! Perhaps FAKING breaking a hand might be a decent prank but any prank that results in actual physical harm is assault, not a prank.

Whats a good online wedgie game?

If you go to, and type in the search box: Wedgie Toss 2, it's really fun