What is a super wedgie?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a very hard wedgie

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Q: What is a super wedgie?
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What is a Texas wedgie?

First of all, a wedgie is when your underwear gets lodged in the crack of your rear end. One way it happens is when someone pulls your underwear up sharply in the back.Some sources say that a Texas wedgie is:a super massive wedgie...pulled so hard you bleeda wedgie followed by hot sauce down the pantsa wedgie shaped like the State of Texasa wedgie that bends the underwear over the shoulders (aka atomic wedgie)So, I guess at this point, a Texas wedgie is whatever you can imagine it to be. But whatever it is, it is not good for the recipient!

How do you spell the past tense of wedgie?

A "wedgie" is a noun. One type of wedgie is GIVEN, the other is WORN. The past tense would be "gave a wedgie" or "wore a wedgie" (the shoe).

Should you give a cheerleader a Piledriver wedgie or a scarecrow wedgie?

A scarecrow wedgie

What is a Bangkok wedgie?

It is when you are given a wedgie or hanging wedgie and someone hits or kicks you in the nuts.

What is a wedgie slave?

a wedgie slave is when you get someone to give you wedgies or he/she has to let you give them a wedgie for how long you siad.i am a wedgie slave myself but the dude that gives me wedgies is weak so they don't hert.

What shoe has a triangular sole?

wedgie a "WEDGIE"

Does ash ketchum get a wedgie?

of corse he does not get a wedgie

What is the least painful wedgie?

The regular wedgie

What is a hanging wedgie?

A hanging wedgie is a wedgie in which the receiver is hung by their underwear, in order for it to be an "Authentic" hanging wedgie, the receiver's feet must not be able to touch the ground.

How do you give a cool kid a wedgie?

Just wedgie them!

What website contains all wedgie games?

Give yourself a wedgie. Get off the computer and give yourself a big wedgie or let someone do it for you.

How do you keep a wedgie in place overnight?

Give yourself a wedgie first then place a pin close On top of the wedgie it will stay with a safety pin good luck with your wedgie!