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dont be insulted by the word gay. Its only an insult if you think that way of gay people. Gay people arent necessarily weak or perverts or violent or anything. They have the same potential for anything that a straight person does.

And if you ignore that fact and choose to remain ignorant, say "Looks like someone has Gay-dar!" in a stereotypical gay-guy accent

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โˆ™ 2009-11-19 23:07:32
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Q: What is a good comeback when sommeone calls you gay?
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What is a good comeback for when a boy calls you gay?

How do you know? Did you spend the night with me?

What is a good comeback if someone says you are a gay loser?

"So is your mom."

What does it mean when someone calls your mom gay?

when someone calls ur mom gay it means that ur mom likes boys now if they called ur dad gay he likes boys so its different there only saying it as a joke or as a *comeback but thats a really bad one..

What is a good comeback when a chick calls you gay?

Hey you don't turn off females that much --- Say to her, "Whatever makes you feel better about your own sexuality..." say to her: that's funny hearing that from a chick with a dick.

What is a good gay comeback?

that's so gay I wont dignify it with any further response -snobby upturned nose, turn on heel, walk it out=success

What are some good comebacks when someone calls you gay?

Being gay is not an insult. If someone calls you gay, you can either say thank you, or "at least I'm not a homophobe" (someone who hates or fears gay people).

What is a good flirty comeback when a girl says you are gay?

"But I'd turn straight for you!" (It's not true, of course. You can't turn straight, or turn gay. But it might help with your girl.)

Why is malari making a comeback?

Because mosquitos are more resistant to chemcals designed to kill them, And your gay

What does it mean if a girl calls a boy gay but your not gay?

Dude it means your not cool!

What does it mean when a guy calls you gay even if your a female?

If you are not gay, and a guy is calling you gay, it means he's a bigot who is using the word "gay" wrong.

What does it mean if a girl calls a guy 'gay and you don't even know it' but he's not gay?

It's called "homophobia" and it's a widespread problem. anyone who calls anyone else "gay" in order to insult them, is a person to avoid.

What does it mean when someone calls you fruity?

They are trying to call you gay

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