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A lesbian

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Q: What is a feminine homosexual?
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How do you say 'homosexual' in French?

If the person is a male : homosexuel If the person is a female: homosexuelle The term may also be applied to other terms, such as in "homosexual identity". Identity being a feminine noun, the feminine version of "homosexual" would be appropriate.

What is the German word for homosexual?

The German word for homosexual is "homosexuell" or "schwul."

How many syllables does homosexual have?

The word "homosexual" has four syllables.

What is 'homosexual' when translated from English to French?

homosexual = homosexuel

Why are guys homosexual?

Not all men are homosexual. There are many men who are bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual, pan-sexual etc.

Is there a homosexual species?

most species on Earth exhibit homosexual behavior, but there is no species that is exclusively homosexual. (That would be impossible).

What is the Chinese word for homosexual?

Homosexual= 同性 or Tóngxìng

What is 'la poof' when translated from French to English?

"The homosexual" is a polite English equivalent of the French phrase la poof. The pronunciation of the feminine singular noun -- whose use is demeaning and hurtful and must be avoided -- will be "la poof" in French.

Do roosters exhibit homosexual behavior?

Yes, roosters do exhibit homosexual behavior.

When was Campaign for Homosexual Equality created?

Campaign for Homosexual Equality was created in 1964.

Who is Paul Mergal?

He is a homosexual jk he is a cool homosexual jk again he is a cool kid

Are mohawks homosexual?