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Skandor Akbar was born on September 29, 1934.

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Q: What is Skandor Akbar's birthday?
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How tall is Skandor Akbar?

Skandor Akbar is 6' 2".

What nicknames did Skandor Akbar go by?

Skandor Akbar went by The General.

When was Skandor Akbar born?

Skandor Akbar was born on September 29, 1934.

What is the birth name of Skandor Akbar?

Skandor Akbar's birth name is Jim Saied Whebbe.

When did Skandor Akbar die?

Skandor Akbar died on August 19, 2010, in Garland, Texas, USA.

Who was akbars father?

Akbar's father was HUMAYUN, the second mughal ruler.

Who was akbars famous general who defeated Cheros in 1591?

raja man singh

What was relation beteen naseer ul din humayun with king akbar?

humayun was akbars father

How did Akbars religious policy in the mid 1500s differ from the religious policy of the different emperor in the late 1600s?

Cuz it's his rules :d.

What were akbars weaknesses?

He gave genorous land grants to his bureaucrats which could cause them to rebel against him beceause of the power the bureaucrats would have.

What is the name of akbars second son?

Akbar's first and second sons were twins, Hasan and Husain. They died in infancy. Akbar's second surviving son was Prince Murad.

What movie and television projects has Skandor Akbar been in?

Skandor Akbar has: Played Himself (1985) in "World Pro Wrestling TV" in 1984. Played himself in "The Great American Bash" in 1987. Played (1999) in "NWA Southwest Wrestling" in 1999. Played himself in "Heroes of World Class: The Story of the Von Erichs and the Rise and Fall of World Class Championship Wrestling" in 2006. Played himself in "The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling" in 2007. Played himself in "Legends of the Mid-South Wrestling" in 2013.