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Happy birthday to you you live in some poo you look like a donkey and you poo like one too!

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Q: What is Another way to say happy birthday?
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How do you say happy birthday in European portuguese?

The correct way to say Happy Birthday to someone who speaks European Portuguese is as follows. Say "Feliz aniversario." That means Happy Birthday in Portuguese.

How do you say happy birthday in Choctaw?

The correct way to say Happy Birthday in the Choctaw language is Aiattatok Nitak = Birthday and Yukpa Aiattatok Nitak = Happy Birthday.Many online sites are stating that Chim Afammi Nittak is how you say Happy Birthday. This is incorrect. Chim Afammi Nittak means your year day. Not happy Birthday.

What is happy g day?

It is the way Gangster Disciples say happy birthday. BDK 300K

How do you say Happy Birthday in Algonguin?

Minowaazon tibishkaman is the modern Algonkin/Algonquin expression and the way the English song "Happy Birthday to You" is translated. An older term for birthday is tibishek pipon.

Is 'Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu' the right way to say 'Happy Birthday' in Japanese?

Yes it is.

What is a more personal way to say happy birthday to an ex email or text?

text for sure

What is a good way to wish someone happy birthday wishes?

You can wish people happy birthday in many ways. Nowadays people wish each other happy birthday on facebook, send greeting cards to one another, and also exchange gifts.

How can you say happy married life in another way?

boning the neighbour's daughter?

What can you say to wish my ex boyfriend happy birthday?

Well, just as long as you keep it short, your good! Act normal and just say something like "oh hi! how you doin? and bye the way happy birthday!" No flirting, no obviose hatred, nothing.

What is another way of saying more over?

I would be happy to say 'additionally' as an alternative to 'moreover'.

How to say To Liam happy birthday from Johnny in Arabic?

To Liam happy birthday from Johnny : ela Liam, Eid Melad Saed, mn Johnny. ( in Arabic ). and it is written this way : إلى ليام, عيد ميلاد سعيد, من جوني

How do you say happy birthday in hawian?

CORRECTED: Aloha: Say hauʻoli lā hānau (how oh-lee lay hay~now) hana loo bit way