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Then tell them no, but say that you wish you could say yes and then tell them why you had to say no, unless you aren't allowed to tell them why.

Tell themm, the truth eaither you Really like them but have to say know. or you juss don't like themm. u have to be truthly to a person, who asks you out, i have this goin threw my life right now this boy who likes me asks me all the time Wanna go out?. or wanna hook up? and i always say "No." to him. because i know him very well i don't wanna just jump to doing stuff ur like a best friend to me, i'vv knownn u for a while i wanna take things slow i know you like me. but trust me it for the best If you really wanna be with me?. (: and he always says okay.. Because i wanna do stuff with you and i really like you</3 :P

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Q: What if you want to say yes but you have to say no?
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Uh... Say yes.

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