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you say yes if you want to go out with him/her

if you don't want to then just say no

ok i do not know if you should just say yes? but i do not think so so a guy/girl asks you out... "hey do you want to go out?" and u say "yes!" and he says ....

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Look I really want to go out with you but I have to get to know you a bit better first.

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Q: What do you say to a boy who asks you out but you can't go out yet?
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If someone always asks you are you working, and if you are working from home but aren't earning any money yet, you might wonder what do you say. You can say that you are a newly self employed business.

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What do you say to a guy when he wants and asks to go further then you do but you really like him and dont want him to break up with you?

you say " name of guy im not ready for that yet. i really like you and all but i just cant go that far. but if you can wait until im ready you wont regret it.

How do you say no to a guy when he asks you out?

Politly say sorry but i dont think im ready for a relationship yet, but i really like you. And ask if you can be friends

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Respond to her truthfully, and the exact reason why. You could just say 'I haven't met the right person yet'.

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concider..... concider that your parents said u cant have a boyfriend (as in dating) but you can have a boy friend forever (act like your boyfriend and girlfriend) but ur not really so when ur parents say ok u can date (so say we should get to know each other more and let that last untill ur parents say ok

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