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There is a regiment when taking medication, follow it and there will not be a question of what to do. There are pill containers that will allow this.

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Q: What if you took Wednesday and Thursdays pill on Wednesday what do you do about Thursday?
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Hi i had intercourse on Wednesday night and i took my microlite pill that day however i missed my Thursday pill am i at risk of been pregnant also do i take my missed pill with my Friday pill?

no i dont think so

If you accidentally took last Wednesday's pill and this Wednesday's pill last week and don't have a pill to take this Wednesday do you just skip Wednesday or do you take Thursday's pill one day early?

I would skip wednesdays pill but refrain from having sex. If you do have sex, use a condom as you wont be protected against pregnancy. I cant understand wy you have missed your Wednesday pill twice now. If its because your taking two pills when you forget, then you dont need to because you would still have a Wednesday pill left. If you forget a pill for 16hours then take it as soon as you remember. Dont take two at once. If your due the next pill within 3/4hours then take it if its the right days pill and your on that day (eg wednesday,thursday etc)

If i took a 30 mg roxicodone on Thursday at noon will you pass a drug screen on monday at?

No, you will have to do it on Wednesday or take it Thursday and wait till monday.

If you missed your pill on Tuesday of week one took Wednesday and realized on Thursday you forgot Tuesday do you still need back up if you take two pills on Thursday?

I have doubled up on doses before and ended up nauseous and with a headache. I would recommend just skipping the missed dose.

I smoke k2 wensday and took a synthectic cannabinoids tes on thursday will i come up positive?

If you smoked k2 on Wednesday and took a synthetic cannabis test on Thursday, then the result will come out positive.

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How many white inactive pill days should pass before you get your period on your first packet of Yasmin birth control?

I always took my first inactive pill on Thursday morning. But I wouldn't start to bleed until Saturday morning.

You missed 2 pills Tues and Weds and realized on Thurs that you had missed 2 days. You took your reg pill on Thursday and also got your period but am still behind on tues and weds pill. What do i do?

you should have taken 2 pills on Thursday and 2 pills on Friday. i would suggest a back up method of birth control for a month. talk to your pharmacist or MD

What to do if you took your pill earlier than usual?

If you took your pill earlier, there is no additional risk of pregnancy. If you're on the combination pill you can take your next pill at the usual time or the new early time. If you're on the progestin only pill, take your next pill within three hours of the time you took today's pill.

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