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Bring a friend or if you are young your parents. If she says Dont bother she is a Paedophile.

It's always a good idea to meet someone you've never met in person in a public place -- a coffee bar, for example.

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Q: What if you text this girl who is a lesbian and your bisexual and you are a girl and you have never met in person before and you ask her out but she says she wants to meet you first?
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Is bisexuality considered as being a lesbian or gay?

being bisexual is where you was either gay/lesbian or straight first but then you changed to straight or gay/lesbian eg. you was gay but then you fell in love with a woman.

Do you ever forget your first lesbian relationship after moving on to another lesbian relationship?

== No one ever forgets their first relationship. Whether the person is a lesbian, a gay male, a straight person, or a bisexual person, no one forgets their first relationship. Especially if this was your first love and/or first sexual relationship, it may take some time to fully get over it. Even though you are in a relationship with a new person, you probably still think about the other person for a while & this is normal. All people have trouble getting over their first relationship, because it is their first. Years from now, you will still remember & think of that first person from time to time, & it is perfectly natural.

Is Clementine Ford a lesbian?

She's bisexual as she has been married and is now dating a girl. Never thought she was when i first saw her on the l word. i like her a lot by the way, she seems like a nice and really normal person.

Who did the first lesbian kiss on TV?

the first lesbian kiss was in 1991 on L.A Law but the first lesbian character on TV was in 1988. I don't know what the shows called...way before I was thought of.

Is girls or women around the world from Britain to Asia or France etc being hit on the head to many times which make them become lesbian's?

This is a rather silly question. The first problem with it is when people are hit on the head too many times they die. The head is not made of steel. Next, what a person is sexually happens before they are born. A person is not "made" gay, lesbian, or bisexual they are born this way. Therefore, a person can not be "turned" into something else. I really don't think you thought much about the question before you asked it or you wouldn't have written it on here. Think.

When did the Lambda literary award begin?

The Lambda Literary Award was first presented in 1988 for celebration and exploration of LGBT people. (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)

How do you have gaysex with married person?

You have to ask if he or she is BISEXUAL first and wishes to enter that type of relationship.

How do I apply person first language to terms about gay or lesbian people such as gay man or lesbian woman or bisexual person or transgendered person?

Usually the notion of "people-first" or "person-first" language comes up when talking about people with physical and mental handicaps; you will want first to avoid the implication that sexual orientation or being transgendered are handicaps (they are not). In general, the sexual orientation (gay/lesbian, straight, bisexual, etc.) or the transgender status of a person is irrelevant in most writing. In the past, mention of these characteristics was used to sensationalize. Nowadays, this kind of sensationalism is avoided because these characteristics are not usually relevant to the topic at hand. Thus, my first suggestion is to evaluate whether these characteristics are worthy of mention at all. Most news organizations appropriately use terms like "gay man," "gay men," and "lesbian(s)"--though sometimes also "gay men and women" or "gay women" may be used. The term "same-sex" is now very frequent as well. The abbreviation LGBT or GLBT (gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender) is also commonly and appropriately used. Inappropriate terms include "the gays" (i.e. using "gay" as a noun), "homosexual" (this is an outmoded clinical term that tends to reflect ignorance on the writer), etc. Web sites such as and can give you more detailed recommendations on how to appropriately refer to GLBT people. Transgender is a very complicated area since issues like gendered pronouns are at play. In many cases, it is best to ask the transgender person him- or herself what is appropriate or not. This consideration is typically appreciated.

Is dani Shay a lesbian?

Dani Shay is a "proclaimed" lesbian, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Lesbians (and gay people) are no better or worse than "straight" people. Please don't decide that Dani is a bad person or a bad singer when you find out she is lesbian. I know her, and she is a totally sweet, and caring person, and when I first met her I had no idea she was a lesbian. It DOES NOTMATTER PEOPLE!

What do they call a lesbian going straight to be a non lesbian?

Heterosexual.AnswerThe first answer is correct in regards to the sexual activities of a person. However few people do not even know the meaning of Hetrosexual. As far as those who knew you were a Lesbian are concerned you would just be a normal person, which I think is a much kinder expression.With respect

What are people most likely to think of you if your a lesbian?

It's hard to tell, everyone takes the news differently. I've witnessed how different people take it. The first one I witnessed was one of my sister's friends. She admitted to her parents that she was bisexual when she was 18. It was a month before her graduation. Her parents kicked her out of the house and she came to live with us. But not all people take it badly. One of my own friends told her parents she was a lesbian, and sure, they were a little uncomfortable at first, I mean, even I would be, but after that, they were fine. They welcomed her girlfriend with open arms and she was invited to all the family events. A lot of factors can tip the scale in or out of favor of the lesbian/gay/bisexual. Sometimes it religion, another could be personal experience of how a 'different' relationship went badly. People aren't all the same, which is why all their reactions won't be the same. I think the lesbian/gay/bisexual will have to wait and casually discuss the topic, flat out refusing to answer why you're so interested. It worked for my friend, so you never know. Hope my advice was worth reading.

Is Paris and Nikki Hilton bisexual?

Yes they r. Actually the first person Paris dated was a girl then a boy:)