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sometimes it depends on who your doing it with. Be creative make up your own pinky promice hand shake. =) -babygurl

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Q: When you make a pinky promise do you kiss your hand?
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What finger do promise rings go on?

My BFFs and I wear our proimose rings on our right hand pinky finger because we make pinky proimoses

Can you break a pinky promise?

It is best you make promises that you can keep.

Can you pinky promise over the Internet and it legit counts?

Yes... You can make a legit legal binding agreement over the internet. A pinky promise is a prime exhibit for a legitement agreement. It's almost like signing your name with blood

How do you make a string twin tower?

i just figured out how to make the twin towers with a string!!! loop the string between your thumb and pinky,with opposit hand and index finger make two more loops,(just like how you start the "cut off a hand" trick, with left hand release strings on index and pinky finger,then pull lower string on pinky of right hand and stretch to full length, there are two towers standing tall between your fingers

How do you make a rock n roll hand?

U put your hand in a fist then make your pinky and your pointer finger and the thumb away from the fist and u should get a rock n roll hand

What Was Nabooru's Promise In Ocarina of Time?

The speculation ranges on this topic. From just a mere kiss, to marriage, to even making him her second in command. It never is confirmed, but since Nintendo is a family company I am going with a kiss. Since she did make the promise to Link when he was younger.

"But hollow men, like horses hot at hand, Make gallant show and promise of their mettle."?


How To Make A First Move?

well if ur talking about holding hand just gently grab his/ her hand. but if ur talking about the kiss. just lean in and kiss him/her im sure the other person wants u to make the first move as much as u do

Symbol for dog?

hold your hand sideways in front of a light to make a shadow puppet of a dog's head, then move your pinky finger to make the mouth move, and move your thumb to make the ear move.

How do you fake a cheek kiss?

cover the persons cheek with your hand come in close to make it look real make the kiss noise with your lips and touch the persons cheek like its your lip, and dont let anyone force you to kiss this person if you don't want to

What is the main clause of It is not right to make a promise unless you are sure you can fulfill the promise?

It is not right to make a promise.

How do you make money appear under your pillow?

kiss your and five times and look under your pillow.