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Its not a good idea to take four Birth Control pills at a time to try and prevent pregnancy because if you already are pregnant, not even four pills can help you now and on top of that you wouldn't want to harm the baby if you already are pregnant. I know someone who had a physically deformed baby because she continued using her birth control pills while pregnant. She thought she would eventually end the pregnancy but she was so wrong. You should throw out your pack if you've missed four pills and start up a new one as soon as your period has come and gone.

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Q: What if you take four birth control pills at a time?
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If you take four birth control pills can you get rid of your baby?

Birth control pills prevent you from getting pregnant, not help you get rid of the fetus after it's already there.

Can you take other peoples birth control pills?

No! Never take someone elses birth control pills.

What happens if I take four birth control pills at once?

Birth control pills are hormones and will not help you better if you take 4 at one time. You need to take a pill each day for them to work otherwise you are not protected.

Can you take birth control pills when you are age 50?

You can take birth control pills while you are fertile no matter what age.

Can you take the brown birth control pills earlier than you should?

No,. You should take the birth control pills as they have been prescribed.

Is it bad to take omega 3 pills and birth control pills?


Can you use birth control pills to move when you get your period?

yes you can just take the birth control, when you stop your period should start three to four days after.

Can you get pregnant if you switched from taking the shot to birth control pills but no longer take the birth control pills?

If you were on the shot but you switched to taking birth control pills, but you do not take the birth control pills anymore, you have a high chance of pregnancy if you have been having unprotected intercourse. All the active hormones from the birth control will have little or no effect after 3 days of not taking birth control.

How many birth control pills are to be taken in 1st week of pregnancy?

You are not supposed to take birth control pills when you are pregnant.

What happens to a man taking birth control pills?

Birth control pills are female hormones, a man should not take them.

Can i take birth control pills if i had bell's palsy?

Yes, a history of Bell's palsy alone is not a contraindication to birth control pills.

How long little blood comes before pregnant?

Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant

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