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You can take Birth Control pills while you are fertile no matter what age.

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Q: Can you take birth control pills when you are age 50?
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How old do you have to be to take diet pills?

How old do u have to be to take birth control pills?my cousin is 14 and she takes birth i know you can take it at that age.

Can you take birth control pills at age 40?

Lots of women in their 40's take birth control pills. If not for contraception, some are given the pill to help regulate their menstrual cycles and flows.

Will you know when you reach menopause if you are on birth control pills?

The birth control pills should not be used after the age of forty. Most of the gynaecologist will not advice the same after 35 years of age.

what is the right age to use birth control pills in Neveda?

Any minor or above 17 years of age can buy birth control pills. Even a married minor can buy it.

How old do you have to be to buy birth control pills?

There is no age limit for starting birth dont have to be a certain age

Does getting birth control at a early age interrupt your body growth?

No, birth control pills will not interrupt your physical growth.

Can you take birth control pills after age 50?

Yes and if you are still ovulating it is advisable so that you do not have a pregnancy so late in life.

What age do you need to be to use sex pills?

The only "sex pills" that are talked about is for sexual dysfunction in either men or women. The age to take these pills or patches is when you have this problem which usually occurs in older men and women. If you are talking about birth control pills then it is up to your doctor as to what age he wants to presribe them Some doctors, and parents, put their children as young as 12 on birth control pills for varios reasons the least of which is to prevent pregnancy.

Does smoking cigarettes interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills?

No, but they do do other things to your body and if you smoke it is recommended that you don't take the pill after age 35.

When can birth control pills help ease the symptoms of perimenopause?

Women who are still having periods but who have annoying menopausal symptoms may take low-dose birth control pills to ease the problems; this treatment has been approved by the FDA for perimenopausal symptoms in women under age 55

How old do you have to be to go on birth control?

There's no particular age. Some girls go on birth control pills as young as 12 or 13, even if they haven't had sex, to control problems with periods.

Is it healthy to take birth control at age 13?

Not that I would know of, taking birth control pills causes lighter periods and helps prevent pregnancy. So it's a win win...though I am not promoting sexual relations through this post!

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