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Hi Your question is: What if you missed your pills for 1 months can you still continue it on the 1st day of your period?Yes you can continue your pills on the first day of your period. However you will not be protected against pregnancy. You will need to use a condom for 4 weeks otherwise you're at risk of conceiving.

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Q: What if you missed your pills for 1 month Can you still continue it on the first day of your period?
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You had two periods last month and missed your period this month?

If you're in the first 1-2 years of your period, it's normal. If not, call a doctor.

I just got my period last month and i don't think i have stress but i missed a month of period. Is it normal?

The first few years periods can be all over the place early one month late the next. Perfectly normal.

You were on birth control for one month and off for a month Now you have missed a period what cause this?


I missed my period last month and it still hasn't came on this month could i be pregnant?


If you are not consulting a gynecologist during first month of pregnancy is it OK to not consult gynecologist?

Usually the first visit is after you have missed your second period, roughly 8 weeks.

Will you still be pregnant when you miss 1 month of your periods?

if you mean that you missed one period, and got the rest of them. chances are, you only missed your period due to stress.

You missed your period this month and you have to pee ALL the time What is wrong with you?

aks a docter

Can you be pregnant if you've missed your period over a month?

Yes. Go to the doctor.

When can you first find out that you have a baby?

if you missed a period, (or it's been about a month since you think you conceived it) then you can finally buy a pregnancy test and see..

You have got period pains on the first day of your missed period as you are trying to get pregnant why is that?

Its totally normal i have had the implant and haven't had a period for two and a half years but every month i get the cramps, bloating and other symptoms

Im on the pill but have missed a period?

Perform a pregnancy test. If its negative the missed period may be a "one off" but if it happens again next month see your Doctor.

Hard belly and missed period?

You can't have a hard belly after one missed period, and it isn't pregnancy. Hard bellies don't come about until the six month.