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there's no problem with that. if tattoos affected pregnant women no woman would get one. i wouldn't get one while i was pregnant, but an existing one is not a problem

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Q: What if you get pregnant but you already have a tattoo?
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What if you got a tattoo and found out later that you are pregnant?

It is a proven scientific fact that receiving a tattoo will not get you pregnant..... however, if you are pregnant at the time you get a tattoo, it will not cause your baby harm...

Do it matter if i get a tattoo in a different place while I'm pregnant?

It would be a bad idea to get any tattoo while pregnant due to the risk of infection. Most tattoo artists will refuse to tattoo a pregnant woman for this very reason.

If you have a tattoo on your back does it stretch when you get pregnant?

EVERYTHING stretches when you get pregnant.

What kind of tattoo to get on a person's back if they already have a tattoo of a spider and a web?

A spider

Are you able to get a tattoo while im pregnant?


If you dont know your pregnant and you get a tattoo will it hurt the baby?

I really can't see how. If you're really worried get an abortion, then get the tattoo then get pregnant again. Also learn to spell.

Will color fade out of a new tattoo if you are pregnant?

mine did!

Im 8 months pregnant could i get a tattoo?


Can you get tattoo while pregnant?

two schools of thought......1. When you are pregnant your immune system is running wild....2. After your 5th month your baby feels what you feel.......Bad time..Many tattooists will not tattoo you if your pregnant at all.

Does Jensen Ackles have a tattoo?

No the tattoo seen in the episodes of supernatural is fake (part of the show). There is a picture of him and his now pregnant wife that shows a tattoo on his arm.

Will your tattoo stretch if you grow?

Yes. Lets say for example that a woman gets a tattoo on her belly. Later on if she gets pregnant and her belly grows large, the tattoo will stretch also. The tattoo will probably not keep the same proportions and image as it stretches, so that may be something for women to think about before getting pregnant or before getting a tattoo on her belly.

Is it okay for you to get a tattoo while you are 6 months pregnant?

absolutely not