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You have baby marijuana plants

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Q: What if male marijuana plants has been next to female plant for to long what happens?
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How can you tell between a male and a female marijuana plant?

Female plants do not have seeds

How is pollen transferred in marijuana plants?

Pollen is transferred in marijuana plants by the female and male plants. The female plant flowers first and then the male plant matures. When the male flower opens it sprays pollen into the female flower.

How many seeds does a male marijuana plant produce?

Only Female or Himaphridite Marijuana Plants Produce Seeds??

What plants are in marijuana?

Marijuana is not in any plant - it is a plant. Cannibus Sativa is the 'Marijuana Plant'.

Does marijuana reproduce?

Yes there is male and female plants. Female plants produce the bud and male plants produce pollen sacs when the pollen germinates with the female plant it produces seeds.

Will male marijuana THC show on a drug test?

Tetrahydrocannabinol is produced in the buds of the female marijuana plant, THC does not naturally occur in male marijuana plants.

Do you smoke marijuana from the male plant or the female?

Both, Male marijuana plants have seeds in their flowers. Female marijuana plants don't have seeds in their flowers. The good weed doesn't have seeds, so do yourself a favor and smoke the females and kill the males.

Are male marijuana plants illegal to grow in the USA?

Male plants are considered to be marijuana, but not the same as a female. While they produce no tetrahydracanabinol (THC), which is the main pshychoactive chemical produced by the female marijuana plant. They do not assist in the process of recreating by producing flowers.

Can you smoke marijuana when its a plant?

No. You don't actually smoke the 'plant'. There are female and male marijuana plants, males simply grow leaves and can pollinate the female, and the female grows the buds, which you (or people) smoke. When the female plant grows the buds (which contain the THC that creates the desired high), they can be picked and smoked immediately. But you don't smoke the actual leaf of a marijuana plant. Hope this helps.

What is feminized marijuana?

Marijuana from seeds that were grown to be female. This ensures a female plant, thus ensuring higher grade marijuana.

What are the physical characeristics of marijuana plant flowers?

Male and female flowers are small and greenish in color and grow on separate plants.

What are the physical characteristics of marijuana plant flowers?

Male and female flowers are small and greenish in color and grow on separate plants.

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