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Pollen is transferred in marijuana plants by the female and male plants. The female plant flowers first and then the male plant matures. When the male flower opens it sprays pollen into the female flower.

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Q: How is pollen transferred in marijuana plants?
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What substance is transferred to cause fertilization in flowering plants?


Are male marijuana plants the only ones that produce pollen?

No female plants that are stressed will turn into hermaphrodites and produce flowers with pollen as well as female flowers

Does marijuana reproduce?

Yes there is male and female plants. Female plants produce the bud and male plants produce pollen sacs when the pollen germinates with the female plant it produces seeds.

Where does sexual reproduction in flowering plants occur?

In the flower when the pollen from an anther is transferred to the stigma.

How can pollen be transferred by water?

By pollen being washed away down rivers to other plants that may feed from the river water

Structures of plants that help them reproduce?

the way they are leaning can determine how the pollen or seeds get transferred by the wind

Where can you find the sperm cells in flowers?

In most plants, and in all flowering plants, the male reproductive cells (sperm cells) are contained in pollen, which is transferred from plant to plant by insects, other animals or by the wind, or through self-pollination. In most flowers, the pollen can be seen on the anthers of the flower. During pollination, pollen is transferred from anthers to the flower's stigma.

What does fertility?

Pollen is transferred from the stamens to the pistil

How are pollen grains carried to female gametes in seed plants?

pollen can be transferred in many ways: On animals fur, bees, butterflys.

What do you call the separate parent plants involved in the pollination process?

Male and female parents. The pollen is transferred from male to the female parent.

When pollen is transferred from the stamen of flower to the pistil what occurred?

When pollen is transferred for the stamen to the pistil, the pollen helps the pistil create a fruit, which contains the seeds a plant needs to be grown from.

How do pollen use the air?

They help by blowing the pollen, then it is transferred to another flower.