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Nothing. It comes as pregnancy negative.

Pregnancy test relies on the presence of Beta HCG in the urine for the detection of pregnancy. It is absent in normal healthy male.

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Q: What happens when a man pees on a home pregnancy test?
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What happens if a man pees on a pregnancy test stick and it is positive?

what happens if a man pees on a pregnacy test stick?

Can a low sprem count make a home pregnancy test say negative?

Sperm has nothing to do with a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test is done by a woman to find out if she is pregnant or not. She pees on it and it detects the pregnancy hormone.

A doctors pregnancy test vs home pregnancy test?

A doctor's pregnancy test is much more accurate, where as a home pregnancy test can be faulty.

If a man pees on a pregnancy test will it show to be positive?

No. If it happens he has hormonal issues or he should check his prostate for possible cancer. well im asking to prove a bet with my girlfriend. when i was a kid i would pee on my sisters pregnancy test then "hide" them. they always showed positive with me.

If you have had a tubal pregnancy will a home pregnancy test be accurate?

Yes a home pregnancy test will be accurate usually. But a blood test is the most accurate way of determing pregnancy.

When was the modern home pregnancy test invented?

The first home pregnancy test was created and marketed in 1978.

What happens if you get a negative result right away on a home pregnancy test?

I'd guess you aren't pregnant.

How can i check pregnancy at home?

get a pregnancy test at the store

Will a home pregnancy test show an ectopic pregnancy?

no, only that there is a pregnancy.

Can a home pregnancy test lie?


How is it that i got a positive at home pregnancy test and got a negative blood test?

At home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate.

How do you tell if your pregnant at home?

At home pregnancy test

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