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Nothing happens, you get high. Marijuana is NOT physically addicting, there have been NO reported deaths from using marijuana. Cigarettes are far more harmful than weed.

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Q: What happens the first time you smoke marijuana?
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Does it hurt to smoke marijuana when you have asthma?

No, I have athsma and smoke pot. Just take it easy don't inhale too much first time

If you smoke marijuana for the first time in 9 months how long would it take to clear your system?

2 days!

What is it called when rastafarians smoke marijuana together?

A good time.

What does the average American teen do in their free time?

Smoke marijuana

Marijuana and Anastassia fatil?

obviously if u smoke it for a long time(marijuana) and i don't kno what anatassia is..........

What happens after smoking marijuana?

If its your first time, nothing really, you start to feel the effects the third or forth time your smoking it

If you smoke marijuana one time how long will?

15 days or less.

What happens if you smoke marijuana and take ecstasy at the same time?

Generally I have found that cannabis interacts in a synergistic way with ecstasy which means the effects of the mdma will seem a lot stronger after smoking.

How do you clean marijuana from your system in four hours?

Travel back in time, and choose not to smoke it.

Does smoking marijuana cause sickness?

more tired the first time you smoke it, but as you get used to it your high will be way better. it shouldnt cause any sickness. ^experience..

Can you save a dried marijuana plant?

No , after it has dried out then it's time to smoke . there's not a way you can revive it.

What happens if your caught with a nic of marijuana in Illinois and your a juvenile first time offender but you were near a church when you were caught?

I was a first time offender And I got stenced 30 days but the judge suspended 25