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Nothing. Nothing at all happens when the semen of two men is mixed, whether they are gay or straight.

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Well, actually that's not true. Sperm are programmed to attack "foreign" sperm (ie/ not from the same male) to ensure that their own genetic material gets passed on to the offspring. So when 2 guys mix their semen there is a microscopic battle going on!

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Q: What happens on mixing semen of two gay men?
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Who is alkaline men or women?

A woman's vagina is alkaline (acidic). A man's semen is basic.

Why do guys like making girls swallow their semen?

Because dudes feel a need to feel powerful and dominant. I'm a guy and I would never ask a girl to do something i wouldn't. So some dudes are scumbags, some are not. No one should "make" anyone swallow their semen. In face it's a crime. Not just pushing your head down, ejaculating on your dinner without you knowing! Crime. Some guys get crazy about having someone swallow their semen, even a stranger. There are some court cases recently about guys driven to this. A nice high school guy, nerd, shy, smart, totally got off in the big cafeteria cream salad dressing pump jar. Yea! Took it to the men's room. Masturbated in it. Stirred the big load into the white cream, and put it back... unnoticed. He watched all lunch as the prettiest girls in the school pumped it onto their salads and sat with their friend eating it. Went on for like three days. He told a friend who blew the whistle and he was arrested. family had to move out of town. Guy is bord with his job handing out free samples of yogurt at a supermarket. Yup. Sees a lady everyday get her lunch and a free sample. He gets a special sample ready for her, a whole load in a tiny cup of white yogurt. She asks for it. He gives it to her. He watches her eat it. Just about faints. She gets suspicious. Gets her husband to cum in some yogurt at home. Tastes it. Yup it's semen and yogurt. Goes back the next day. Yes he has another special batch waiting for her. Cops are there. Arrested. Charged. Fired. Why do guys even care? They are not trying to hurt you. Semen is good for you. If he's disease free. Husbands who love their wives want to ejaculate in their mouths and have then swallow. Why? Men have this basic need to be "accepted" by you. His semen is him, at least it's from him. He feels hurt if you "reject" it. It's like you are spitting out him. It brings you closer to him. He feels more protective of you and respects your doing it for him. Also he knows he is with you because he is in you. It's good for him that you do it. And swallowing has some great health benefits for you. Women who want to get pregnant prepare their bodies by swallowing their man's sperm. This attunes her immune system to let his sperm though to her egg. Women who are pregnant should be swallowing three time per week (Semen Therapy) to prevent a dangerous condition called Pre-eclampsia. It is a rising blood pressure reaction that can harm the mother and even cause a miscarriage. It is the immune system rejecting the fetus for it's unknown DNA, unless she has been swallowing to prepare her body. see: Wikipedia: Pre-eclampsia, Treatment and prevention, Fellatio But, if a man has a disease that is contagious and is present in the semen then you could get sick and need to see a doctor. STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease,, STI Sexually Transmitted Infection. The risk of HIV/AIDS is very slight from swallowing semen, even if the man is very sick, unless you have open bleeding in your mouth or throat (like from having just brushed your teeth which always opens your gums.) Other STD/STIs are contracted from contact with the skin of the penis, so if you are letting a man put his penis in your mouth and you are sucking upon it, you are at no increased risk by going all the way and letting him have his orgasm in your mouth and swallowing all of his semen. If he has had severe or long time exposure to radiation, poison, pollution, injections, carcinogens or drugs, these things may be in his semen. The rule is, if it's in his blood, it is in his semen. Snorting semen from someone who is high probably will not get you high. Doing this can cause sinus pain (but will clean them right out) and probably does not contain enough of the drug to get you very high. Semen that is ejaculated into a glass and allowed to stand at room temperature for a few minutes is the most safe to drink. Unless you have mouth or throat cancer tumors, semen is so good for all cells it's good for promoting those cells also. Once in a while swallowing his semen as part of your love life with a healthy man can benefit you and your relationship. It is a bonding moment and most men get great comfort when you swallow. Also it allows you to keep sucking on his penis while he is at the hight of ecstasy and after. If you begin to swallow three times per week or more you are doing Semen Therapy and you get great health benefits. There are life saving compounds in semen that "increase longevity" and "reduce aging effects." Also prevent and fight cancer and other conditions. Give you feel good hormones, vitamins, minerals, protein and Zinc Alpha Glycoprotein (ZAG). Also some compounds made by the human body to help the body of the recipient, like prostaglandins and TGFbeta (transforming growth factor beta). If you begin swallowing semen everyday or more (for example with every meal) you will kick start a process in your body called "cachexia." This is the conversion of excess body fat into a liquid that is then absorbed into your body. This will cause significant weight loss. Research has so far shown that there is no loss of muscle mass. British scientists who discovered this at Aston University in Birmingham believe that this regime can also cure diabetes. The zinc will clear up acne, the calcium strengthens teeth and bones, testosterone increases energy and alertness and selenium fights cancer. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Department of Research Medicine advises that the risk of breast cancer can be reduced no less than 50%.

What happens when you mix blue and purple?

RCD (purple) and NAHDHA (Blue) is the worst combination of color mixture ever imagined by men. I highly recommend you to avoid it. Some say it will give orange, some dark bloody colors, but who dares to try it ?

How do you produce more volume of semen?

Semen is mostly made up of water. If you drink lots of water, you can create more semen, BUT this will not increase the amount of sperm you produce.There really is no way to 'make' more sperm, which is what I think you're trying to ask. However, as sperm is comprised mostly of protein, eating more protein may allow your body to produce more sperm.

Is there a difference between men and women urine?

Yes a men's urine comes from a penis, a woman's from a vagina!(: x

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What do gay men do with semen in their mouths?

They swallow, or they spit.See the Related Question below.

If you have an ejacultion does it spray semen?

Ejaculation in men happens when they are sexually excited. The ejacualted product contains combination of semen and sperm.

Why do men have semen stains on the spandex?

Simple answer, they ejaculated. when i run i get some semen stains on my spandex, it just happens to me. of course i wear shorts over my spandex.

If two gay men want to have kids of their own what is the best way to do it and is it legal or socially acceptable?

It depends on the laws of where you are. In some places gay people can adopt kids. In some places gay men can hire a surrogate mother who will have the child and then hand it over when it is born. Sometimes this will be using the semen of the gay men. If it is legal, then it will probably be (or become) socially acceptable.

How do gay men become men?

Gay men are already men. They don't become men.

Can gay become to men?

Gay men are already men.

Why do you release semen when you speak or chat with a woman?

It just means you are sexually aroused. Whether this happens depends on the man. Some men release semen readily after an erection while others need quite a bit of stimulation.

Should you be concerned if you ejaculate and no semen comes out?

Some medicines will cause 'retrograde' ejaculation - your semen goes into the bladder, presumably. This can be just a thing that happens with some men. If pain is involved when ejaculating, then you go to a doctor, soon.

Why men feel sexually towards men?

Some people are just turned on by their own sex. It just happens. (no I'm not gay or bi. ) but I do know that sometimes it just happens. Hope this helps. :)

Is semen an iron rich food?

Protein from the penis when it ejaculates. That is also the sexual activity that gay men and straight women practice when they give head to a receptive male partner.

what is problem of drinking semen causes any health problems for men there own semen?

Consuming your own semen will do you no harm.

Is men eating female's semen harmful?

It is impossible to do. Females simply can and do not produce semen.