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your periode will probably shift to come earlier and you will be able to get pregnant around two days after stop taking it.

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Q: What happens if you stop your birth control in the middle of the pack?
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Do you ovulate after stopping birth control in the middle of the pack?

Yes, if you stop birth control, you may ovulate.

What happens if you miss the iron tablets on a birth control pack?

There is no increased risk of pregnancy if you miss the non-active birth control pills.

If you get your period in the middle of a pack of birth control pills do you need to start a new pack?

No. Continue taking your pills as scheduled, regardless of any bleeding.

What happens if you take the whole pack of birth control pills at one time?

that's bad and just don't try it

Can you get pregnant if you stop taking the birth control pill in the middle of the pack and stop having sex?

If you don't have sex, you won't get pregnant.

Is the days in birth control pills interchangeable?

The days in birth control pills are not interchangeable.

Birth Control So I just started birth control today Wednesday but my period started yesterday Tuesday and I have the 28 pack I was wondering if I am taking them right when should i get a new pack?

I believe that you are supposed to start your birth control pack on the Sunday after your period starts.

What happens if you start a new birth control pill pack one day before you are supposed to?

Nothing bad happens. You've established a new start day. From now on you'll start on this new day. No back up birth control method is needed.

What is the color of the active pill in a pack?

The color of the active pills in a birth control pack varies by brand. Contact your pharmacist for information specific to your birth control pill.

Do you have to take birth control at the same time as the prior month?

Yes you do. Take birth control, one pill every day. When the pack finishes you start a new pack.

What if you get all green pills birth control?

If you have a pack of 28 green birth control pills, you're probably on Micronor.

What could cause a 2nd period in the middle of a pack of birth control pills?

Hi, The following can cause too many periods while on birth control. * The doseage of birth control not being high enough for you. * Wrong type of birth control for you. * Missed birth control pill(s). * Pregnancy. * Urinary tract infection. Please note this is advice only and should not be used in place of a medical experts.