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You will be high two days before surgery.

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Q: What happens if you smoke weed two days before surgery?
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I had surgery on my tongue and its been 2 days is okay to smoke?

It would be better if you smoke after at least 5 days .

Can you second hand smoke after having surgery on your tongue its been 2 days?

yes you can because my doctor said it is ok if i smoke weed in the two days

How long after surgery before I can play golf?

after surgery? well you should wait a few days or weeks until you get back to your normal routine before you had the surgery

Low grade fever 2 days before surgery?

If you get a cold with a low grade fever within two days of your scheduled surgery, call your nurse. The doctor will assess your situation and decide if the surgery will be rescheduled or not.

What happens after an endarterectomy?

After the surgery, the patient spends the first two days lying flat in bed

Can you take advil around 4 days before a foot surgery?


Is eating one marijuana brownie five days before surgery dangerous?


Will drug test be clean if you smoke once two days before pee test?

Depends on how much you smoke and what drug.

What must patients who take blood thinners do prior to eye surgery?

Patients taking blood thinners also must check with their physician to find out when they should stop taking the medication before surgery.

Is stomach reduction surgery painful?

Recovery time for stomach reduction surgery is two days in the hospital and about ten to fourteen days before you can return to full activity. Stomach reduction surgery can be painful if not resting in the proper way and you will of corse be sore from surgery.

How long does the average outpatient stay after surgery before going home?

3 days

How many days after surgery does wound dehiscence usually occurs?

3 to 11 days, occurs before collagen formation.