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Q: What happens if you smoke weed night before surgery?
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What happens if you smoke weed two days before surgery?

You will be high two days before surgery.

What happens if you smoke legal after a shoulder surgery?

You damage your lungs.

What happens if you smoke weed before court?

don't smoke weed

Can you smoke before a broken nose surgery?

No I don't think so

Can you smoke the electronic cigarette before a surgery?

It depends on how long before surgery you smoke an e-cig. No matter when you smoke your last pre-surgery electronic cigarette, it is overwhelmingly safer than smoking a tobacco cigarette! You need to ask your anesthesiologist this question. My guess, as someone who has had a lot of surgeries in the last few years and a smoker of e-cigs, is: the day before. Most often it seems that you check into the hospital long before your surgery and then you're kept so busy that you aren't able to smoke anyway.

What happens if you take acid and weed in the same night?

You always smoke more weed on Acid man.

Can you smoke weed after surgery?

Yes you can

Can you smoke marijuana after scoliosis surgery?

You will be on medication post surgery, I would not advise

Is it bad to smoke weed after surgery?

no, it is not bad to smoke weed after surgery. it's very good for you but to recover faster snort a line of coke.

Can you smoke cigarettes after cataract surgery?

It is up to you, but no.

What happens to your kidneys if you smoke?

what happens to your kidney when you smoke. WHAT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW :[ :[

How long until you can smoke after surgery?

This depends on the type of surgery and the anaesthetic (if any) used. I would attempt not to smoke again, as that is an excellent time to kick the habit.