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Q: What happens if you smoke weed night before surgery?
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What happens if you smoke weed two days before surgery?

You will be high two days before surgery.

Can you smoke before surgery?

no it will hurt you

What happens if you smoke legal after a shoulder surgery?

You damage your lungs.

Is it bad to smoke weed before surgery?


What happens if you smoke weed before court?

don't smoke weed

Can you smoke before a broken nose surgery?

No I don't think so

Can you smoke weed before bone surgery?

Yes anytime is fine

Can you smoke if under going general anesthesia?

If you smoke, anesthesiologists recommend that you stop smoking before surgery and stay off cigarettes until at least one week after surgery.

What happens if you smoke weed after surgery?

As long as your surgery was not respiratory related nothing will happen, Weed is actually used as a pain killer for many.

Can you smoke the electronic cigarette before a surgery?

It depends on how long before surgery you smoke an e-cig. No matter when you smoke your last pre-surgery electronic cigarette, it is overwhelmingly safer than smoking a tobacco cigarette! You need to ask your anesthesiologist this question. My guess, as someone who has had a lot of surgeries in the last few years and a smoker of e-cigs, is: the day before. Most often it seems that you check into the hospital long before your surgery and then you're kept so busy that you aren't able to smoke anyway.

Can you smoke marijuana before getting four impacted wisdom teeth pulled?

Technically you are not supposed to eat/drink anything the morning or night before getting them removed. I would avoid smoking the night before (and morning) and ESPECIALLY do NOT smoke weed after the surgery. Any type of sucking (like sucking on straws) could remove the protective barrier on your teeth after surgery and can result in serious and painful infections.So, avoid smoking 4-8days afterSource: Experience from getting Wisdom teeth pulled at 13

What happens to babies when their mother drink and smoke?

if your mother drinks and smokes and do drugs what happens to a baby before and after its born ?

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